If you’re looking for a fantastic AR15 Bolt Carrier Group with affordable price, look no more. This BCG is the one that you are looking for. Nickel Boron Coating. Harder than Tennifer, Melonite, Nickel Teflon and Hard Chrome. Environmental corrosion protection. Very lubricious, less maintenance and easier to clean. Brand new item and will fit AR15/M16 rifles. This product is just what your build needs to keep you shooting, day in and day out. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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AR15 Bolt Product Features

Well made but attractively priced Ar15 bolt. We are so happy with this BCG because it’s offering money back guarantee if it breaks no matter how many rounds you put through it.

AR15 Bolt

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Carpenter 158 case hardened, shot peened and magnetic particle inspected.  Manufactured to Government drawings.  Mil Spec gas rings. NiB-X coated (40% more wear resistant than Chrome).


8620 material (M-16 style) heat treated and case hardened.

Gas Key

Attached using grade 8 hardened fasteners, stake per mil specs.

Bolt Assembly

Case hardened,  magnetic particle inspected, shot-peened, Carpenter 158 bolt with high-performance extractor, ejector springs, mil spec gas ring, and special O-ring buffer.

AR15 Bolt Carrier Group

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X-Treme Performance

Cycles Smoothy round after round. Wipes clean- so you spend more time shooting, less time cleaning!

X-Treme Durability

Corrosion-resistant and harder than Nickel Teflon, Melonite, or Hard Chrome. (RC 72)

X-Treme Reliability

Only uses milspec parts. Provides longer usage cycles without stoppages.

Firing Pin 

Manufactured, hardened, heat treated,  Chromed and certified per Government drawings.


Manufactured, heat treated, hardened, per Government drawings.  Black extractor buffer and heavy duty spring.   NiB-X coated.

AR15 Bolt Carrier Group Review

You can read some of AR15 Bolt reviews below. They are real customer who purchase this BCG.

By bigtote: This BCG is the best smooth action slides like butter and cleans so easy ! I would definitely recommend this BCG . The finish is flawless , gas rings work perfectly my Ar is much more accurate now n clean up is just wiping it off . Thank WMD gun for selling and making such a high quality part !!!!!

By Pete: This is a terrific NiB Bolt Carrier Group (BCG). WMD has done a superior job. The gas screws are well staked unlike my original M4 bolt (20 yrs old). The bolt slides like glass when pulled and there is significantly less friction. I have not fired my M4 yet with the WMD BCG but I have no doubts about it’s performance. I seldom write reviews but I will this time. You can by this WMD BCG with confidence.

By Chief: Excellent fit & function in both .300BLK and 5.56 builds. Headspacing was right on with 2 different barrel brands. Eases cleaning effort. Have run these dry as test, absolutely no issues or failures running 100+ rounds thru it.

By EX75: I was very pleased and excited about this BCG. Shipping was fast and it sure does work really good in my newly built AR 15. Love it!! I couldn’t be more pleased with it!! Will do business again!

By Sav: I have the WMD M-16 BCG with hammer and since installing it several months ago, I’ve run well-over 900 rounds through it with only a few drops of lube here and there. Sure, it cleans up in seconds, but the main reason I went for Nickel Boron was that it offers a superior lubricious surface and it will run dirty far, far longer than a standard-coated or chrome BCG. It’s a fantastically hard coating, an amazing example of modern metallurgy.

But as I opted for the heavier M-16 BCG, I had to go with a heavier buffer (a Spikes Tactical T2) and a stronger action spring (a Sprinco Blue Spring, and I’m using their “Machine Gunner’s” lube–it’s fantastic stuff!) and I haven’t had a single failure to feed, failure to fire (attributable to the BCG), or failure to extract.

After a few basic upgrades to your AR (Optics, Furniture, [Geissele] Trigger Group–in that order) this is your next MUST HAVE!!

Buy it, buy it now! You won’t regret it.

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