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AR15 Bolt Carrier Group has all features that I need, like:

  • Shot peening. It’s provides superior resistance to metal fatigue than other methods of production. This is crucial in sustaining service life and reliability over the lifetime of your bolt.
  • Molecular Realignment Technology. It’s uses a proprietary thermal process that aligns the steel’s crystalline structure to increase strength, hardness and wear properties which extends the life of the tactical component.

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AR15 Bolt Carrier Group Honest Review

You can read some of AR15 Bolt below. They are real customer who purchase this BCG. We compile some of the reviews from Amazon below to give you information before you purchase this AR15 Bolt.

AR15 Bolt Carrier Group

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Review by: Semper Fi - I received this BCG and compared it to one I have been using for a few years, they are identical in measurements. Finish was great, no tool marks, tight fit of the bolt in the carrier. Mine came with the rubber O ring around the extractor spring. I lubed the carrier according to military specifications, and took it to the range. No malfunctions, the BCG worked as intended every time. I would recommend this BCG for any AR build or replacement.

Review by: Jason - I have about four of these, and all have worked fine. Yes, they are stiff when new. You are supposed to take apart and clean like you would any new BCG. If it doesn’t fit, have your rifle checked. I’ve had zero problems.

Review by: J.R. Anderson - Used this BCG to build a buddy a rifle. I usually spring for the NP3 coated BCGs, but his budget dictated we go with standard mil-spec. This one worked great, and though it may lack the style of a more expensive unit, you can buy two or three of them for the same amount of money. It showed pretty good machining when disassembled and had no burrs or other obvious defects. The black phosphate was nice and even, although that hardly matters since it is a BCG, and will wear as the rifle is fired. If you need a 5.56mm or .300BLK BCG, this one will fit the bill and leave money left over for ammo.

Review by: Gary W. Cates – I got what I was looking for in a DPMS AR-15 Bolt Group assembly. While it certainly looked new and there was no evdience of prior use, when I examined it and cleaned it. I would have preferred the original packaging (if it was available). That would have been better than the zip-lock sandwhich bag it was sent in. Sorry, minus 1 star for the zip-lock bag.

Review by: Paul - Very well made bolt carrier. Service was outstanding! My order was shipped within hours of my order being placed. Look forward to my next order.

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